From Design to Implementation

Over the recent years, the area of business model innovation has provided new insights to overcome a company´s  innovation challenge. Thought leaders such as Alex Osterwalder (2004), Gary Hamel (2005), the team at IDEO (2009), Mark Johnson (2010), Eric Ries (2011) and Ash Maurya (2012) have all provided inspiring and useful frameworks for understanding the key elements of business models. Nevertheless, the tools are limited. 

Building a business requires systematic approach to (1) successfully and effectively design profitable business models that create, (2) communicate, deliver and capture significant value for customers, stakeholders and shareholders, (3) identify the key variables that are necessary in order to implement the idea, and finally (4) evaluate your business-design regarding it´s significance and effectiveness to maximise the return-on-investment (economic and social).

We have developed the following matrix that can guide you through the process of complementing your go-to-market strategy with an effective execution strategy.

business-design matrix

Daniel Pandza´s Business Design Matrix (c) Daniel Pandza 2015.

You can consult the following toolkit in order to learn more about the reasons behind the development of the matrix, a tool for evaluating the business-design matrix and the nine stages that successful business-models have to pass through:

Toolkit: SIX-S-FUL Innovation Effectiveness Toolkit v5