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DANIEL PANDZA is a BusinessDesigner and forms part of The Business Model Generation who strongly believes that the key principles of innovation and business design have the power to contribute to our societies wellbeing, personal satisfaction and financial independence.

Over the past few years Daniel launched projects such as Paradygnamics Mexico (2008), The PassionBusiness Project (2010) and The InnovationGaps Project (2011) with the objective to integrate the key disciplines that are related to the field of innovation into a systematic and effective innovation process.

Daniel Pandza is exploring the Discipline of Innovation from an academic, entrepreneurial and corporate perspective since 2003.

Academic – As the former Director of the Innovation Center at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara he co-designed back in 2007 the first InnovationCertificate for the Tecnológico de Monterrey. The Programme runs now in its fourth generation and has trained around 100 preselected students from the Business-, Engineering- and Design School in the systematic exploration of innovation opportunities. Moreover, Daniel has trained over 100 professors of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in the theories of Strategic Business Model Design & Innovation.

Consulting – Since 2007, Daniel Pandza has lead a range of diverse Strategic Opportunity Search Projects for multinational companies (Nike de México, Cemex Patrimonio-Hoy, Agrana Fruits Mexico) as well as SM&L Mexican Enterprises (Evans PowerEquipment, CristaCurva, DIPRO Corporativo de Diseño, Dulces Chompys, AdVenta, ElectroFreeze de México, Hazienda de Haciendas y Casonas Rurales de Jalisco) and Government Agencies (COFOCE Guanajuato).

Executive Education – In addition to his academic and consulting work Daniel Pandza has delivered executive education workshops, seminars and key-notes for customers such as Cinepolis, IusaCell, Química FrancoMexicana Nordin, Gobierno Municial de León (GTO), Gobierno Municial de Guadalajara (JAL), Gobierno Estatal de Baja California, Gobierno Estatal de Jalisco, Tecnológico de Monterrey (Campus Veracruz), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Campus Ciudad de México), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Campus León), International Development BankCorporación Interamericana de Inversiones, AIRD (Republica Dominicana), ESEN Business School (El Salvador), Asociación Nacional de Industriales ANDI (Tegucigalpa).

Coaching – In 2010 Daniel Pandza and his colleagues at the Innovation Center of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara have coached the winning team of the Global 2010 Cisco iPrize Competition. The goal of the competition was to design Cisco’s Next $1 Billion USD Business. The winning team of this Open Innovation Challenge won the first Prize of $250,000 USD.

Entrepreneurial – In the period 2010 – 2011, Daniel Pandza has collaborated with Phanaint Mexico on a Disruptive Project in the Industrial Laundry Industry (serving some of The Leading Hotels of the World). The goal of the projects was to contribute to the radical reduction of water, electricity and gas consumption, as well as a significant increase of productivity and quality. Mr. Pandza was in charge of new customer acquisition and new project implementation and customer employee training workshops.

Content Integration, Content Creation & Content Diffusion – Since Sept. 2011 Daniel has been granted the license to produce local TEDx Events in the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara. Since then, his team has produced 2 TEDxZapopan events (March 2012 – The Power of Passion; Nov. 2012 – The Power of Purpose) with the objective of documenting the stories and experiences of local passion heroes amongst members of our community, sharing them with change-agents and plant the seeds for a more prosperous and healthy community. All events are non-profit events and made real through passion, hard work and strong sense of purpose of each of the team members….

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  1. Hola Daniel,

    Mi nombre es Ismael Cruz, no encontré tu e-mail ni forma de contacto en tu sitio por lo que te escribo por este medio, por una parte veo que estas organizando un evento TED en Guadalajara y por otra me gustaría invitarte a un evento que tendremos también en Guadalajara, te dejo mi correo electrónico,




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