What happens, when a tall Mexican Designer, an even taller Croatian-German Business Designer, a skinny Bosnian-Swedish Financial Analyst and a short British-South African Social Entrepreneurs get together in the middle of Mexico?

The Answer: TEDxZapopan

We are a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team of “TEDoholics” that strongly believes that collective creative thinking can significantly impact the development of our communities. Over the period of the last 3 years, we have attracted a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural group of change-agents who wish to contribute to the sustainable future of our community.

TED has influenced us all and has helped us to discover our individual passions. Over the past few years, we started the journey of converting these passions into reality. TED is the glue that has stuck us together. Now we want to multiply this positive effect in order to glue the fragmented Mexican society back together by sharing powerful ideas.

In March 2012 we have launched our first TEDxZapopan event in the State of Jalisco and since then our community has grown and our impact to connect the key stakeholders in our community has increased significantly.

Please feel free to contact us or leave a message below.


Executive Producer

8 pensamientos en “TEDxZapopan

  1. Im very glad that you guys are taking on this project, I honestly cannot think of a better team to do so. Congrats … Do we have an exact date yet?

  2. How will be the activities during the day my friend? We want to make a trip to participate in this event.

  3. Daniel,

    Best of luck with this event! You are the one who introduced me to TED talks and I’ve been a fan of TED ever since. I can’t wait to see the TEDxZapopan talks on the Internet (unfortunately, I can’t fly down to GDL to see them in person…)

  4. Muchas gracias Daniel por tu conferencia de hoy en el ITESM con el Founder Institute, ojalá puedas compartirnos el material de la presentación! saludos!

  5. Hola Daniel,
    Estuve en el evento de la semana pasada de Founders Institute, y me interesó mucho tu plática; quería ver si me pasas los datos del evento de TEDxZapopan del miércoles para darme una vuelta y a ver si también tenemos oportunidad de platicar un poco.

    Tamara Solórzano


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