Inspiration leads to  Ideation | Ideation leads to Innovation

As most of you might have  already realized, I am TED-oholic! The talks provide me with inspiration, motivate me to aspire more, and realize that my ideas can have the potential to make the world a better place.

This section of the blog is dedicated to spreading my favorite TED talks. I will continuously update this section. The videos will be grouped into different categories that are related to different areas of the discipline of innovation.

I hope that you enjoy this new part of the blog and share your inspiration with the rest of the community by adding your comments.



Bunker Roy: Learning from a Barefoot Movement

Nial Ferguson on the 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity 

Understand your Customers:

Jan Chipchase | Ethnography

David Pogue | Convergance of Phone & Internet

David Pogue | Interesting Usability Cases

Seth Godin| What customers want to get passionate about

Seth Godin| Tribes

Malcolm Gladwell | Heterogeneity of consumer needs

Importance of Creating Remarkable Value Propositions:

Create Remarkable Products | Focus on Small Market Segments | Create Otaku

Seth Godin| Importance of being remarkable

Barry Schwartz | The paradox of choice

David Kelly [IDEO] | Experience is the product

Tim Brown [IDEO] | Designers have to Think Big

Great Inspiration for Entrepreneurs:

Janine Benyus | Biomimicry in Action (2009)

Janine Benyus | 12 Sustainable design ideas from nature

David S. Rose | Designing powerful presentations to Investors

Iqbal Quadir | Business at the bottom of the pyramid

Bill Gross [Idealab] | Profitable Solar Energy

Michael Pritchard | New water filter technology

Personal Growth & Leadership:

Richard St. John | What leads to success?

Richard St. John | How to remain successful over the long term?

Tony Robbins | Emotions and decisions shape destine

Benjamin Zander | Leadership Lessons from Classical Music

Matthew Childs | The relationship between rock climbing and success

Tim Philip Zimbardo | How your personal “time perspective” can influence positively or negatively your sucess

Joachim de Posada | Don´t eat that Marshmellow (the relationship between patience & success)

Tim Ferriss | Impossible is nothing

Daniel Pink & Suprising Insights about Financial Incentives & Motivation in the Conceptual Age

David Logan on Tribal Leadership

Create an Appropriate Environment that drives Innovation:

Tim Brown [IDEO] | The connection between play and creativity

The Diffusion of Innovation over Time:

Chris Anderson [WIRED] | Opportunities across the innovation life cycle

Shai Agassi | Mass adoption of electric cars

Bill Gross [Idealab] | Profitable Solar Energy


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