Over the past few years we were invited to collaborate with a broad range of organizations in order to share our key insights and principles of strategic business model design with entrepreneurs. In the following lines you will be able to explore a range of courses, consulting services and key-notes.

(source: Keynote @ Skyrocket Entrepreneur Event)


THE GOAL of the service is to help inventors maximize the value of their inventions and explore the most profitable and desirable business designs for their technology.

Specifically we help the inventor to…

  • Identify key Stakeholder
  • Analyze the Customer activity Chain
  • Identify key Jobs to be Done
  • Define Whole-Product Solution Requirements
  • Design Competitive Business Model
  • Identify Market Potential and Value of the Innovation
  • Identify potential buyers or licensees of the patent
  • Assist in the sales and negotiation process

THE GOAL of the BusinessDesign Boot-Camp is to provide an experience for entrepreneurs that will enable them to develop the attitudes, abilities & skills to effectively design competitive business models.

Over to days full of activities we train entrepreneurs…
  • LOAD WEAPON – define purpose of the product / service idea (benefits & sacrifices)
  • AIM AT TARGET – identify the most desirable customer segments (B2C and B2B)
  • SHOOT AT TARGET – design thinking, rapid prototyping, whole product solution design
  • KILL – design business model for maximum customer value and maximum competitive advantage
  • EXPLOIT – exploit adjacent market opportunities
  • ACTION – define MVP that can be shipped and develop execution plan
P.I.M.P MY BUSINESS (4 to 16 hrs)
THE GOAL of the P.I.M.P projects is to re-design and re-vitalize low-profit business models in highly commoditized industries.
  • Analyze Current Business Model & Environment
  • Identify High-Leverage Points
  • Systematically Explore New Growth Opportunities
  • Evaluate Opportunity Portfolio
  • Prioritize Opportunity Deployment
  • Define Innovation Vectors
  • BusinessDesign Workshop
  • Design Action Plan


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