Effective Innovation is a Team Sport… throughout the journey you will want to leverage people with different skills and experiences in order to assure the success of your project…

Here is the list of people I would like to work with on future innovation projects:

  • A Basketball / Football Coach who knows how to manage a diverse team of people with different attributes, strength and talents to achieve a shared goal.
  • An Interior designer / Architect who creates a creative work environment.
  • A Drummer who is responsible for the overall rhythm and coordination of different initiatives in a synchronised way.
  • A Buddhist Monk who will help everyone in the team to focus their energy on the things that lead to happiness and harmony.
  • An Anthropologist who observes the behaviour of identifies patterns.
  • A Diving Instructor who can explore the reality from below the surface of the waterline.
  • Caricaturist with strong observation skills who can exaggerate on key elements of the observed scenarios
  • StandUp Comedian who finds the irony in the details and comes up with spontaneous and funny ideas.
  • A Marketer who defends the needs and desires of the customer.
  • A Scientist who defines hypotheses and tests them rigorously.
  • A Fitness Trainer who will push the team to cross the limitations of their minds.
  • An Information Designer who visually communicates information.
  • Storyteller who knows how to communicate effectively the emotions and hook the audience to stay captive.
  • A Handyman someone who is practical and gets straight to the point.
  • An Industrial Designer who is practical and creates prototypes and tests them.
  • A Martial Artist who will be 100% focused on finding the enemies and finding resourceful means to kicking their ass in any circumstances.
  • A Biologist who will create an ecosystem that is appropriate for the survival of the new species.
  • A Mountain Expedition Expert who can help planning the expedition (prepare body and mind for the challenges, plan resources and strategies for tackling the key obstacles, etc.)
  • The Pitstop Manager of a formula 1 team who will make sure that we are using the right resources according to the circumstances of the race and manage the sustainable use of the resources and minimize the risk of engine breakdown.
  • Finance Guy who  makes sure that we are investing our time in the high leverage points.
  • A Juggler who is resourceful and creative in launching new initiatives in a coordinates fashion.
  • A Magician who can make problems disappear and solutions appear.
  • A Positive Psychologist who manages conflicts and assures that everyone sticks to positive psychology principles.
  • A Poet / Philosopher who synthesises the learnings.

 … To be continued.