WORKSHOP: Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Recently, Isthmus University of Panamá has invited us to participate in the International Master in Design Management program. Our job was to set the context for innovation from an company´s competitive advantage perspective and highlight designs role in this process.

The workshop was packed with principles, insights about the key phases of innovation path, and practical application of the theory on real company cases…

At the Isthmus workshop we have revealed, for the first time our new Innovation Path (c) model that helps innovation managers identify the right tools and conceptual models at the right time… (see prototype below).

Key of this new process is to clearly define the purpose of the innovation project from a company´s BusinessModel persepctive. We have integrated and existing developed new frameworks which helped the participants to clearly define the challenge (wich is usually requires the careful management of contradicting forces). It was amazing to see how this way of thinking and framing helped the students to streamline the Systematic Opportunity Search (TM) process and understand how the role of design morphes depending on the phase of the innovation path… But more on this later…

We are very thankful for the active participation of the highly taltented Isthmus students. It was a true pleasure to work with such passionate and dedicated students for three intensive days and see their rapid progress in such a short time. “Muchas gracias!”


El lunes pasado tuve la oportunidad de impartir un taller sobre Innovación de Modelos de Negocio en el foro DISEÑA INNOVACIÓN, EMPRENDE NEGOCIOS en la hermosa ciudad de Santiago de Chile.

Registro de Participantes del Curso:

En la siguiente página (AQUI) se pueden registrar todas las personas que participaron en el curso. Yo estaré enviando la página y clave de acceso a todas las personas que se registran y recuerdan la palabra clave que compartimos al final del curso.

Gracias a todos los participantes del curso por su participación activa y contribución! Me encantó la experiencia!